Absolutely Alice by OPI

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Multiple pictures are required. It. Is. Gorgeous. My mom got this for me for Christmas. Little did she know that it was THE Absolutely Alice. So pretty. She went in search of the blue Burlesque polish but this is all my local salon had. Good enough for me.

Absolutely Alice is a deep blue glitter with gold flecks in it. Application was okay, you can see it isn't perfect. Texture is a little rough, like any other glitter. I've had it on a few days and so far, no chips.

A super close up of the glitter...

I hope everyone had a great holiday, any good polishes that you got?

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Lois Says:

Such a pretty polish! I've been wanting this polish, like, forever! <33

LacquerSmack Says:

Isn't it? I'd definitely get it if you have the chance, its so worth it. (:

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